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Understanding The Risks of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has seeped into our daily lives fast. The likes of Siri, Alexa, and Google Now have rapidly gained popularity. Not to forget self-driven automatic cars and automated online customer support. The pace at which we are increasing our dependency on AI brings forth a pertinent concern: Is this revolutionary technology dangerous in any way? Does it pose any safety risks?

To answer this, let’s present before you some of the most-feared risks of AI in the near future.

  1. Rise of autonomous weapons

A grave fear in the minds of the governments and people alike is that AI-driven autonomous weapons could someday be programmed to kill. Not just that, they might even start functioning with a “mind of their own”, meaning that once deployed, it might be very difficult to fight, stop, or dismantle them. What would happen if these weapons start being used by certain groups or even governments for destructive purposes?

  1. Easily manipulate social media

On the one hand, we are happy the way AI-driven algorithms are being effectively used for personalized marketing through social media platforms. Based on what we buy, what we post or like, these algorithms can assess our tastes and preferences and present us with the exact data – promotional or otherwise. It leaves us pleasantly surprised. But on the other hand, the power of these algorithms to manipulate social platforms, collect user data and spread false or fictional information also can’t be denied.

  1. Invasion of individual privacy

This is an extension of social media manipulation wherein Artificial Intelligence safety parameters and guidelines can be brought to question. Auto-driven algorithms that have the power to collect user data anytime anywhere may be considered as invasion of privacy and not liked by many. After all, who would like being monitored all the time over what we search for online, what we buy, what we read, etc.

  1. Completely take over human role

While the AI technology is meant to automate tasks and reduce the time and effort spent, making things easier for humans, there is a serious fear in the minds of the same humans – what if one day AI replaces us completely? With the emergence of chatbots and AI-driven voice command programs like Siri, this has already become a reality. However, we must not forget that it is after all a technology and any technology always has certain limitations. Human role cannot be completely ignored.

Final thoughts on Artificial Intelligence safety

The purpose of Artificial Intelligence was to make life easier for people. Automation, computer algorithms, chatbots, and voice command applications were all meant to effectively use technology for the benefit of human beings. However, it needs to be ensured that an autonomous technology like AI is not allowed to invade human privacy, manipulate user data for scrupulous purposes, or lead to any serious safety concerns for the very people that it has been designed. It may be difficult to guarantee 100% safety though but at least efforts to keep risks to a minimum should be made.

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